Monday, June 29, 2009

Organizing your shelves.

Once you get your shelves in (everywhere you can cram them in my case) it is time to think about how to organize what you put on them.

For this, I am a HUGE fan of see through boxes. Most of mine are Sterilite, though there are many brands to choose from. Clear containers are the only way to go. You want to be able to see what is in your boxes with as little work as possible!

You can buy these boxes anywhere from grocery stores, to big box places (they have the best prices) I purchased many of mine online here, buying in bulk you get the best price. Try to choose the squarest boxes you can find and make sure they "nest" well. Boxes with large round corners or domed lids may look "prettier" but take up much more space than the plainer ones, and worst of all, they hold less!

After learning the hard way, I now have 2 boxes I can't live without, you can see them in the photos. I use these small boxes for storing the tons of bags of rhinestones I have, things like snaps, and small tools. The medium boxes hold everything from spools of ribbon to completed pouches, my children's art supplies, patterns, fat quarters etc.

You can also see in this photo there are some very inexpensive (.99) hinged lid pencil boxes with colored lids that I picked up at my local big box store. I use these for sharpies, buttons, rotary cutters and their blades etc.

I also use some larger boxes up high to store light stuff like yarn, fiberfill, faux fur and fleece. You don't want to be on a ladder taking down really heavy stuff!


  1. If I could only be this organized! Thanks for sharing all of these tips.

  2. Bows down in awe and admiration.....

  3. Looks great! I'm an ikea fan and have 4 of their big wardrobes with pullout drawers, baskets and clear tubs...with tons of space on top of them. That's where I put large cuts of upholstery fabric. Then I got lucky and a second hand office furniture store had two "real" cutting tables on wheels. I got one for my studio and DH got one for his garage.

  4. I'm staggered by how much you carry by way of suplies - my husband grimaces at my wool stash every now and then but once I've shown him your shelves I hope he'll agree my supplies are minimal! could still be much tidier though - yours look great!

  5. I store the majority of my craft items in the clear sterlite boxes as well. They are an invaluable aid to organization. I'm constantly on watch at thrift stores, etc. where I find many clear containers in various sizes, in good condition that I purchase at a considerably lower cost than brand new. Where there is a sale on clear containers ... I'll be there for sure!