Saturday, June 27, 2009

But why be organized?

* You will be in control!
There is nothing worse than feeling out of control in your own space.

* You will have more time!
Think of all the time you spend looking for stuff you put "some place safe".

* You will have more space!
When everything is where it belongs you have more space for other stuff.

* You will have more money!
How many times do you buy something that you have because you can't find the first one?

* You will impress your friends, family and neighbors!
Ok, this may not work on everyone, but an organized room does make a good impression.


  1. LOL I am always spending time looking for things or buying things I already have! How about you will feel more artistic because your Feng Shui will not be blocked.

  2. LOL I have lost count of how many times I can't find something I "put away for safekeeping." My husband claims it disappears into a black hole if it makes its way to the office.
    Problem is, I may be in a different frame mind when searching than when I stored it, so I look under a different category. (This usually applies to papers i need from the files.)
    Hee hee...